Our Mission

Project Blueprint fights for peace, equality and stability in the world by promoting alternatives to US foreign policies under both parties that fail to respect our neighbors’ sovereignty, increase global inequality and violate international human rights standards. We create better foreign policy decisions by inserting the perspectives of our partners abroad–especially those from marginalized communities— who experience the impact of US policies in their daily lives.

Our Team

Project Blueprint is a collaboration of progressive US-based organizations and experts employing human rights strategies to make life more just, safe and prosperous for people impacted by US foreign policy. See our Advisory Council, Steering Committee and Staff for more details!

Our Approach 

Project Blueprint aggregates the voices of progressive US organizations–and their partners worldwide—working on a broad range of issues in order to have a systematic impact on US foreign policy. We are aggressively collaborative—supporting and complementing existing progressive advocacy—and deploy a non-hierarchical networked approach to win otherwise unlikely victories for peace and justice.