Seeking fair treatment of migrants in the US and foreign policies

that help people abroad stay in their homes.


Working for US foreign policies that support the human

right to health care for all, everywhere.


Promoting diplomacy, respect and development as
alternatives to US military action, and
a defense budget consistent with these ideals.

Climate and Environment

Advocating foreign policies that respect environmental human

rights and address climate change.


Working for foreign policies that protect the most vulnerable
and reduce structural inequalities, especially
with respect to wealth, race and gender.


Advancing a feminist foreign policy and highlighting disproportionate foreign
policy impacts on women and girls.

Foreign Aid

Promoting a human rights-based approach to aid that ensures
transparency, accountability and sustainability.

National Sovereignty

Promoting foreign policies that respect our neighbors’ right to sovereignty and freedom to implement progressive policies.

International Institutions

Making international institutions accountable to their
missions and to the people they serve.


Promoting trade policies that reduce inequity
in the US and abroad.